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Candy, Costumes, & Kryptonite

We are one day away from the annual tradition of kids putting on costumes in the pursuit of bags full of candy. While Halloween may simply seem to be a fun holiday for kids (and the young at heart!), it can also teach us a valuable lesson about ourselves. Due to the renewed popularity of superhero movies, I imagine I am going to see lots of kids dressed as Wonder Woman, Iron Man, and Captain America again this year. The idea that the average person (like the “mild mannered reporter” Clark Kent) can possess a superpower must be appealing, as we would all like to turn into a better version of ourselves. If you could “dress up” as your definition of a superhero, what would you look like? What s

Playoffs, Perseverance, & Pinnacles

The Major League Baseball playoffs always remind me of this picture of Bill Mazeroski’s famous “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” in game 7 of the 1960 World Series. At the end of October one team will reach the pinnacle of the sport and realize their ultimate dream of winning a World Series. How do you define the “Pinnacle of success” or your “Ultimate Goal”? Is it a moving target that changes as your values change? Are you in control of whether or not you will reach your ultimate goal? (and if not, who is?) These are complicated questions with answers that likely involve more than success in your career. We can look at the teams in the playoffs for some guidance on how to reach the pinnacle of

Inspiration, Invitation, and Innovation

110 years ago this month, the first Model T rolled off of the assembly line at Ford’s Piquette Avenue production plant in Detroit. Before its production ceased in 1927, more than 15 million Model T cars would be produced, forever changing how our world moved, and what was possible for the common man. Henry Ford didn’t invent the automobile, but instead transformed it from an invention into an innovation that has profoundly shaped the world. Innovators change things. They take ideas (sometimes their own and sometimes those of other people), and develop them in such a way that they become part of everyday life. Innovation requires self-confidence, a taste for taking risks, leadership abili



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