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Rewards, Respect, & Recognition

“Living for fame and recognition is like chasing the wind.” - Brent Beshore In case you haven’t heard, it is awards season, that time of year when we recognize the amazing work of others. Between the Academy Awards, Grammy’s, and Screen Actors Guild Awards, it seems like famous people in Hollywood have become even more famous this month. In the golf industry, PGA Sections have been recognizing great teachers, merchandisers, mentors, and Golf Professionals. In the quote above, Brent Beshore talks about seeking recognition, and he is right…it is like chasing the wind. But giving recognition is powerful. It creates connection & trust and can change families, workplaces, and organizations. Recog

Preparations, Plans, & Punches

““Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” - Mike Tyson In the video Capture Your Flag, author and speaker Simon Sinek poses a couple of simple questions: · Why do you do what you do? · Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Those are valuable and insightful questions that we’ve explored since the beginning of January in our messages about Goals, Values, and Limitations. But how do you take those insights and turn them into a plan to help you design the future you desire? Breaking down your high-level goals into manageable and attainable plans allow you to align those activities with your values and address your limitations. Your Career Consultant can be like



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