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Gravity, Got To, & Get To

“Fear is gravity, always telling you to take the easier path, and always downhill. Walk uphill; it is the door into awe and freedom.” - Bansky What keeps people from becoming the best version of themselves? Is it lack of skills, desire, or motivation? Last week’s PGA Championship at Bethpage provides a familiar environment to examine these questions. While Brooks Koepka went wire to wire for his second PGA Championship and 4th Major title, my inspiration for this email comes from my peers, the twenty PGA Professionals who played in the event. For them, the opportunity to play in front of the world and potentially exposing their flaws could have crippled them with fear, but instead, they embr

Sisyphus, Significance, & Sovereignty

“Sisyphus, of course, was worried; he’d come to depend on his burden, he wasn’t sure who he was without it.” Sisyphus and the Sudden Lightness - Stephen Dunn In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was the evil and cunning king of Corinth, infamous for his trickery and for twice cheating death. He was punished by Zeus for his misdeeds by being condemned eternally to roll a heavy stone up a hill. As he neared the top, the stone would roll down again, so that his labor was everlasting and futile. Great philosophers, poets, and statesmen have weighed in on the modern-day applications of the legend of Sisyphus and his fruitless endeavor, with opinions ranging from cautionary tale to hero. I am however,



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