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Belle, Bombers, & Bullet Holes

Lt. Luke Sinclair: “How long can we fly on one engine?” Cpt. Dennis Dearborn: “I don’t know, I guess we’ll find out.” - Memphis Belle The movie “Memphis Belle” tells the story of the first American Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress crew to complete 25 missions over enemy territory in World War II. The feat of completing 25 missions was a milestone that meant that the crew had completed their tour of duty and were eligible to return home. It was also rare, as the survival rates of bomber crews at that point in the war was terrifying low. Of every 100 airmen, 45 were killed, 6 seriously wounded, and 8 became prisoners of war. In fact, of those who began flying at the beginning of the war, only

August, Anniversaries, & Accomplishments

“I feel just like somebody else, man I ain’t changed, but I know I ain’t the same” -The Wallflowers – One Headlight The second week of August marks a significant milestone for myself and this email/blog. A little more than one year ago, I published the first regular post themed around the PGA Championship (when it was still held in August). Designed as a method to educate, motivate, and inspire, I had no idea how it (or I) would evolve over time. Fast forward to today and the quote above perfectly describes me…I haven’t changed, but I know I’m not the same. I’ve found inspiration for posts in everything from holidays, sporting events, quotes from movies, songs, literature, Broadway musicals,



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