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Athens, Art, & Assessments

“What is honored in a country will be cultivated there” -Plato, The Republic In his book The Geography of Genius, Eric Weiner examines clusters of genius throughout history. It’s a fascinating read that uses Plato’s quote as a central theme and posits that locations that produced blooms of genius did so because of the things they valued as a culture. Those values attracted highly gifted individuals to a specific geographic location to explore, develop, and share their genius with society. History is filled with examples of countries, cities, communities, and organizations changing history and shaping culture based on what they honor and value. In ancient Greece, the Agora was the center of

Comments, Characteristics, & Coaching

“Are you ready for some football?” - Hank Williams, Jr. Every once in a while I write an email that really resonates, and based on the comments I received the past two weeks, THIS email about mentors was one of them. Many readers even were kind enough to say that I was one of their mentors, a role I accept with both honor and appreciation. However, I also like to consider myself a coach, which begs the questions: What is the difference between and mentor and a coach? And can I be both? The start of football season seems like a good time to consider both the similarities and differences between the two, as the words will be used interchangeably on TV broadcasts all season. The great coaches I



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