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Hermes: Course, there is another way, but I ain't supposed to say it. Orpheus: Another way? Hermes: Yeah, around the back. But that ain't easy walkin', Jack. It ain't for the sensitive of soul, so...You really wanna go? Orpheus: With all my heart. Hermes: With all your heart. Well, that’s a start. - Hadestown, Wait for Me In the multiple Tony Award winning musical Hadestown, Orpheus seeks a path to rescue Eurydice, who is the love of his life. Without a train ticket, Hermes offers him an alternate route “around the back” before warning him about the difficulties of the journey. When Orpheus responds to Hermes question about his commitment with the simple answer “With all my heart”, we und

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“You say you want a revolution Well, you know We all want to change the world” - The Beatles, Revolution Written by John Lennon and released as the B-side to Hey Jude in 1968, the lyrics to Revolution were inspired by political protests, expressing sympathy with the need for change while simultaneously doubting some of the tactics employed by the protesters. Forever culturally relevant, the song was used in a controversial and ground breaking Nike ad almost 20 years later and now again as the inspiration for this post…51 years after its release. The desire for change has universal appeal, as many people see “change” as the pathway to a better job, improved relationships, or a happier life



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