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On August 28th, 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. delivered one of the most iconic speeches in our history. Nearly 55 years later, his speech is a powerful reminder of the importance of dreams, and our power to realize them through hard work and difficult change.

What are the dreams you have for your life and career? Does your current position align with your dreams? Does it prepare you to take the next step closer to your dream? What are you doing today to ensure that your dreams for the future come true?

“Is not a day divided into twenty four hours, each hour into sixty minutes, and every minute sub-divided into sixty seconds? Now in 86,400 seconds very many things can be done."

- The Count of Monte Cristo

This weeks’ post will provide links from great articles and videos that will hopefully inspire you to make better use of those 86,400 seconds every day, so you can realize your “dreams”.

Also, I have some GREAT news. The new Rules & Regulations for the PGA MSR requirements have been released, and you can now earn 2 MSR’s in the Required category per fiscal year for meeting with me to discuss your career. For those of you that I’ve met with since the end of the last cycle, I’ll be submitting your MSR’s in the next couple of weeks.

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8 Ways that Winners Stand Out

“Standing out is crucial to business success, but it is key to succeeding as an individual, as well”

By Jennifer Cohen

From Forbes


6 Ways to get Women playing at your course

“If female participation in golf were equal to men, round bookings would grow by 47%”

By Alex Lavoie

From Chronogolf


How to beat your competition in Social Media

“To stay in the game, you need to take great measures that will help you stand out”

By Moss Clement

From Moss Media


What’s your theme in 2018

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe”

By Caitlin Madigson

From LinkedIn


Are you a giver to a taker?

“Some are just givers who got burned one too many times”

By Adam Grant

From Ted Talk

Let’s get together soon and talk about YOUR Dreams.


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