Rewards, Respect, & Recognition

“Living for fame and recognition is like chasing the wind.”

- Brent Beshore

In case you haven’t heard, it is awards season, that time of year when we recognize the amazing work of others. Between the Academy Awards, Grammy’s, and Screen Actors Guild Awards, it seems like famous people in Hollywood have become even more famous this month. In the golf industry, PGA Sections have been recognizing great teachers, merchandisers, mentors, and Golf Professionals.

In the quote above, Brent Beshore talks about seeking recognition, and he is right…it is like chasing the wind. But giving recognition is powerful. It creates connection & trust and can change families, workplaces, and organizations.

Recognizing that I should be better at recognizing others forces me to ask a few questions. Why do we tend to only recognize the high achievers? Why do we wait for “awards season”? And what can we learn that we can apply to our daily lives?

In the workplace, recognition can be a cornerstone of culture. While it is popular to argue that Millennial's have a unique need to be recognized, the truth is that everyone wants to be recognized, and the benefits of doing so are quantifiable. Imagine the impact simple recognition could have on issues such as employee satisfaction, turnover, and burnout.


With that in mind, I developed my “Rules for Recognition”…feel free to borrow and/or steal them.

1. There are no “High Achievers” – Everyone helps me in their own way, and it is my job (not theirs) to identify their contribution.

2. There is no “Award Season” – The best time to recognize someone is right now, not on a set schedule, and definitely not only when it is convenient to me.

3. Words, not emails/texts – In a digital world, it is too easy to be lazy. The spoken word is more powerful than a keyboard.

I would love your input on additional rules that should be added to my list. You can CLICK HERE to submit your rule, and I’ll add submissions to a future blog. Finally, please take 4 minutes to watch this video on the power of recognition. I promise you won’t forget it (but get some tissues first).

Recognizing that I should be better too,

Michael Mueller, PGA Career Consultant

Proudly serving the Carolinas Section


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